Degen or blockhead show

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Community rewards share, Access to Dob Shows live events beginning 2024.
Each week 1 crew pass holder will be selected to participate backstage with guest before or after show for backstage shenanigans.

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5% discount access to merch for Degen or Blockhead Show + instant access to all DOB Show live events +1 guest beginning 2024

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10% discount on exclusive merch, community reward share from all DOB Show & merch sales, access to all LIVE DOB Show events, forever starting 2024
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Higher % community reward share of show & merch. 15% off exclusive merch + ultra rare Degen or Blockhead Show MetaRide vehicle, airdropped when completed, and instant access to all D.O.B Show live events, forever with +3 guest option beginnings 2024, Max mint 1 per wallet.

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The Degen or Blockhead Show


about Us

The Degen or Blockhead Show LLC is a groundbreaking blockchain education trivia show that has taken the world by storm. With its unique concept of combining entertainment with education, the show has become a hit among blockchain enthusiasts and novices alike. The first season of the show has been a huge success, with viewers eagerly waiting for the next season to air.

Past guests

ValiBots NFT

MetaRides NFT


Smart Finance

Rogue Bunnies

and more!


Founder and Host:  Mel M.